Welcome to Autumn

27th September 2020

by Raymond- As the nights draw in and Autumn hugs us with its chilly arms, I acknowledge and embrace the closing of one season and the opening of another. Based on traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine, Autumn is the time that the Yang ...

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COVID 19 Policy – Our commitments to the highest level of safety

14th June 2020

We know that you may be a little anxious about the safety in receiving a massage at our clinic. We want to update you on the measures we are putting in place to keep us all safe and relaxed. We have always been dedicated to the highest levels of ...

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Managing anxiety

7th June 2020

Kindly shared by Raymond.  In challenging, uncertain and emotionally triggering times, anxiety may surface. It stirs our insides and causes the body to tense and tighten, as if to protect us. The life force or Qi is held in a vice of tension, ...

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The Full Body Tension Buster – Somatic Movement Education workshop with Biliana

29th April 2020

The body and the environment it habits are in a constant state of interaction. We, as all vertebrate animals, are wired to adapt to our environment. Let’s look at some examples: ☞ It is a hot day, and you develop a sense of thirst to cool ...

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Why stress and our Immune System don’t get on!

15th March 2020

by Biliana – We have all experienced one of these 2 scenarios: – falling ill on the first day of a holiday, – feel our heart rate go through the roof at the mere thought of a threatening situation! It tuns out that this is ...

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Stretching – how long should we hold it?

15th March 2020

by Raymond – How long we hold stretches for optimal results is a great question! My take is very personal, it is rooted in mindfulness and listening to the wisdom withinn. This view may not be widely shared, but it has worked well for me ...

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Tips for a Happy Back

14th November 2019

– By Ying Wang, our happy back guru! A happy back is key to your health and well-being – thankfully it is made of strong stuff! Our lifestyles do put a strain on our bodies (both physically and emotionally) so, on occasion, your back ...

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Take Time to Pause

9th July 2019

Kindly shared by Raymond. I sometimes ask my clients the question “How to do you relax?”  Often, I hear: “I watch TV, read a book, go for a walk”.  That’s all very good and valid, of course, but how would it be to do Absolutely ...

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Post-Race Massage for Marathon Runners

28th April 2019

Congratulations – you have completed your marathon! It is easy (and normal) to get carried away by the euphoria of your achievement and forget about the importance of attending to the condition of your muscles. Being actively involved in ...

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To Ice bath or not to Ice bath?

16th April 2019

– by Gail Cameron With marathon season in full swing we thought it would be interesting to write a little blog about the benefits of the dreaded ice bath. Now although it might seem like a much more enjoyable prospect to jump into a nice ...

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How to book an OFF PEAK massage online

29th March 2019

Book an Off Peak massage online by following this simple guide. To access our online booking calendar, look for the “Book Online” link in the top bar of any page on our website, or scroll down the Homepage for an imbedded calendar. ...

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Inspiring client of the month – Danny and the Aconcagua!

12th December 2017

December is a merry month for many, but each year, the frost and snow are a life-threatening reality for other. We share the story of Danny’s daring challenge this month because it struck a very special note in our hearts! How easy it is for us ...

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