We remain OPEN through LD2.0: FAQ answered

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Are you allowed to remain open?
Yes! This time around, there is an official appreciation that the public do need ongoing access to wider healthcare services provided by professionals who are highly qualified and can take the strain off the primary healthcare system. As a result, level 4 & 5 qualified soft tissue practitioners, who form the basis of our clinic, are recognised as delivering some of the highest standards of supporting health.

What are Soft Tissue Therapists? I though you did Sport Massage?
Those of us who trained to a Btec level 4 & 5 are called Soft Tissue Therapists, but you also come across the terms Clinical Massage Therapists, Sport & Remedial Massage Therapists etc… This is mostly to do with the evolution of our profession, but some of us hold on to names that are familiar to the general public and to Google algorithms. The Soft Tissue Therapy title better reflects the fact that we are trained in assessing, treating and rehabilitating minor and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Massage is just one part of it, albeit the one that we are arguably most famous for. In a world that is becoming exceedingly touch-phobic, we are in increased demand for our hands-on skills and the wellbeing that therapeutic touch imparts on the receiver.

Is it business as usual at The Massage Lab, then?
Not quite… We are recognised as providing a health service and therefore we can remain open when working to treat injury and pain to prevent escalation which may lead to disruption of daily life activities or lead to access to NHS services. Your appointment must be ‘justifiable’ in the context of access to healthcare. Access to our services in the context of ‘mental wellbeing” has not been discussed, but silently left to our mutual judgement.

In practical terms:

  • You are justified to leave your home for an appointment with us;
  • We will carry out a brief telephone consultation prior to your appointment to ascertain “justifiable need” and a treatment brief. This also saves time for the face-face part of your appointment.
  • We will limit our appointment duration to 45 minutes where possible.
  • Infection controls remain in place.

Can I book an appointment in the usual way?
Nothing has changed to the booking process from your end: book online, call or email us. If you are a new client, you will complete our Intake Form online.
All clients will be contacted by their therapist prior to the appointment for a treatment brief.

Do I need a face to face appointment?
Please get in touch with us and we will advise you, even remotely, as best we can.

We invite you to keep enhancing your health and wellbeing in all the ways you already know: sleep well, eat well, exercise daily, find joy & beauty!

7th November 2020