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I have 3 decades of massage therapy experience and have studied several massage modalities over the years.  I use a combination of techniques to suit you and aiming to restore your muscular-skeletal system to a healthy equilibrium.  A treatment with me can include stretching alongside relaxing and deep tissue massage techniques. I often combine this with Trigger Point work as I find this incredibly effective. I ensure that your experience is positive by never pushing beyond your comfortable limits and guiding you through it with easy breath work.  If you are experiencing high levels of stress, I will draw upon my tools to bring quietness and stillness to the Body-Mind, leaving you feeling embodied and back to your true self. Massage therapy for is not just a job, but my love and passion.

My clients are also my teachers: they help me to reflect, continually improve and evolve my interest and conviction in the benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy.


As a runner of 28 years now, and a martial artist, I have a specific affinity and interest in helping you achieve your goals, recover from injury, as well as support and preparing you for optimal performance in your chosen sporting field and competition. I am likely to draw attention to your postural habits and help you make sense of how those may impact on your life. My aim is to assist you in finding effortless grace!

I came to natural health when I was in my very late teens, seeking remedy for my own ill health. I qualified with my first massage diploma in 1983. I continued to explore and achieved a number of further massage qualifications. I have worked extensively as a massage  therapist for the community of people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours, and setting up staff support projects introducing the use of therapeutic touch and smell as a form of communication and as a pathway to building trusting therapeutic relationships.


ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Massage (1983)

Biodynamic Massage Therapy (1989)

The Art of Aromatherapy Dip (1993)

Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy (1997)

Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage, The School of Natural Therapies – BTech Level 5 (2012)

Myofascial Release – Structural Series 1, Myofascial Release UK (2019)

Medical Acupuncture – OMT Training (2019)

Professional Membership

Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage

I am qualified and insured for

Sport & Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Medical Acupuncture


I keep my Qi flowing through running, dance and movement, but also mindfulness and my love of the great outdoors … and dogs!

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