About us

We are exceptional massage therapists!

I founded The Massage Lab as an expression of my conviction that Soft Tissue Therapy is a natural treatment with tangible yet overlooked physical and mental benefits. Pushed by the need to overcome stress or to succeed at my own physical challenges, I am constantly reminded of the effectiveness of massage in keeping body and mind balanced, functional and pain and stress-free.

The Massage Lab aims to mix the perfect prescription for your ailment, mood or goal. I personally make sure that a treatment with every therapist at The Massage Lab will achieve both immediate results as well as long-term improvements in your wellbeing.

We believe that your therapist is a supporting bridge in your journey towards optimal health & fitness, lending a helpful hand (or elbow), plenty of qualified advice and endless encouragement!

I believe that the best kind of therapy we can offer is one that gives you the ability to attain and maintain wellbeing without creating therapist dependency. We may see you less often as a result, but we are very happy with that!

Thank you for your visit!

Founder of The Massage Lab