My massage from Lukas was absolutely brilliant, he certainly gets results and covers a lot of ground very quickly. It was easily the most effective massage I have ever had. Not only did he fix the lower back problem I went there with, but he identified and ironed out a lot of stiffness in my mid and upper back that I hadn't even realised was there. I cannot recommend him too highly, he is fantastic! — Julia W, Sept 2023

Giulia is extremely knowledgable and has helped me immensely with relieving a tense back and shoulders. — A. Hedley, Feb 2023

I had an amazing sport massage with Sarah. I totally recommend it! :) — Lucia D.P., Jan 2023

I wanted to share some feedback about my massage with Giulia (90mins Sports Massage). In brief: Giulia is a magician! She assessed and understood a number of interconnected issues I have been struggling with, offered me rich insight into how and why I may be experiencing them, and gave me advice and tools for addressing them and strengthening weakness - and that’s not even getting to the message. She is incredibly skilled and her massage left me feeling brand new, if exhausted! All in all 10/10. — Georgina, Feb 2023

Quality! I am amazed how much of a difference a single session made. I will definitely be back. Thank you, John. — E. F., Feb 2-23

Excellent!! Had a couple really bad knots and they were working through with care and I had only booked that morning! Such great service! — Dana E, Sept 2022

I was very pleased to have had a session with Raymond. He was very welcoming and accommodating. He ensured I understood the process and asked me several questions regarding my health and any personal matter that needed to be addressed. I was able to relax and this made a positive impact on my life overall. I'll definitely come back and I highly recommend Raymond. — Laura G, Jan 2023

I saw Sarah for a sports massage. It was great overall. Nice comfortable room. Sarah was very professional and worked on my areas of concern. As expected I was sore for a couple of days afterwards but then it felt a lot better. Very happy to recommend and I am sure that I will be back again in the future. — Ronik V., Jan 2023

I have had reoccurring back pain formed by muscle tightness over the course of covid and working from home without the right equipment. The pain began early on in the year – mid April roughly. I had a session of 6 physiotherapy slots that incorporated electric shock treatment and when that failed to really eradicate the pain it was suggested that I get an MRI done on my back.

I have scheduled the MRI but in the interim did some research on deep tissue massage and located The Massage Lab online after google searches of ‘best massage therapist in London’ raised their profile. Upon meeting Jenny, I was immediately introduced to a knowledgeable, passionate and caring person who asked me briefly to explain the issues I had been having and showed me the likely muscles that had seized.

I was nervous about having a deep tissue massage because I had heard rumours that they hurt. I had never intended to commit myself to a painful massage; it is by all means the exact opposite of what a massage is meant to be! Needless to say, I never experienced the horror stories and instead I left Jenny with the least amount of pain I have experienced in months. The knot has decreased in size, my back is no longer in absolute agony and I am so chuffed at the progression made in a one hour slot

that I will be returning at the very least on a monthly basis. The skills of Jenny’s hands on my back has really provided an end sight to what has been an issue for months and I can only thank her for what she has done. — Lizzie, Sept 2020

Jenny was amazing and I will definitely be booking an appointment with her again she was very friendly professional and just totally relaxing and comfortable to be around and really helped my back and shoulders. — Lisa-Marie M

Really great - Ying is an excellent therapist and I would happily book a massage with her again! — Natalie S

Loved my first experience at The Massage Lab. Ying was wonderful & exceptional at making me feel welcome & comfortable. Will 100% be going back! — Hannah R

Without exaggeration a life saver. Jenny completely removed my need to take pain meds which I loathe. Will do regularly to manage the Osteoarthritis in my shoulder and neck. — Sheila E.

I just wanted to say that Pawel is fantastic and I love coming to see him. He is a great masseur but always helps better educate me, teaches me exercises and helps me get to know my body better. I can't recommend him highly enough! — Bethan F

Raymond did a great job - I came out after the massage feeling much better — Nick T

I had SUCH a great massage with Jenny - arguably one of the best ever! She’s the first masseuse that seemed to get to the root of the problem without exerting loads of painful pressure (I’m super tight so often end up crying in my sports massages!) Will definitely come back - thank you Jenny and Massage Lab! — M. W.

Surprisingly good back and shoulder massage this afternoon with Pawel. Noticeably relaxed and much less tight, more so than I can ever remember being after a massage. Thanks! — Paul B

Great little place - easy to book online, no long waiting list, lots of information about the treatments and therapists. Pawel listened to what I wanted out of my treatment and explained everything he was doing as he did

it. He was really knowledgeable about what he was doing and it felt like he really worked through all the knots and kinks in my back, neck and shoulders! I will definitely come back for another treatment! — Kata

Thank you Pawal! that really helped my shoulder - you seriously know your stuff! — Chris

The staff at the Massage Lab are absolute legends. I called them on Sunday morning after spending the weekend having pretty bad neck pain and they managed to give me an appointment 2 hours later. They are extremely

professional and knowledgeable as well as super, super kind. Pawel really took his time for me when asking me questions about my problems and was super helpful in explaining what could have caused the issue and what

steps I should take avoiding it going forward. He even pulled in a colleague to have a look at my problem, making sure I was getting the right treatment. Most importantly, I left already feeling so, so, so much better

better (after not being able to move my neck/ head for 3 days) I really can’t thank the staff enough and could highly recommend them to anyone. I’ll definitely be back! — Lizzy

Highly recommend The Massage Lab for Sport Remedial Massage or general relief from recurrent pain. My therapist Raymond has been excellent and has made a real difference to my pain in just 2 sessions. A niggling lower

lower back pain is now mostly gone. Far better than any other massage places I've tried: nicer, get results and less "salesy" e.g. several muscular knots that have been around for months are gone already, despite other

places telling me I'll need 2 sessions a week for 3 months. Thanks Raymond & The Massage Lab! — George C

I have been meaning to come along for another treatment for some time now, but seeing as my usual therapist (Ferdi) had moved on from TML I wasn't sure who to choose. I hit the jackpot with Raymond, he is a magician!

Really professional, listened well to my concerns and gave some good suggestions for aftercare. The pressure was really firm which is just what I wanted and needed. I will be back very soon! — Amy

She was deeply professional and acutely understood the root cause of my pain. I feel the massage therapy she did on my first session was the first step to finally resolving the back issues I've been dealing with for (...

years. I'm booked in for my next session and it cannot come soon enough. Delighted. Could not recommend highly enough for a professional and effective treatment. — Client

Highly recommend The Massage Lab for Sport Remedial Massage. I was having a lot of trouble with my shoulders/back from Sports related injuries, my therapist Celia was excellent, quickly locating points of tension and — Client

working on them. A few days on now and have to say my back and shoulders are feeling much better, there is noticeably less tension and most of the sore points have disappeared, I am also sleeping better as a result now. — Rama

Very luck to get a last minute early morning appointment. Neck & shoulders were extremely tight & struggling to move. Gail was great and really worked at getting rid of the tension and knots... Will be going back again! — Zubair M

Biliana was brilliant! Excellent manner, expert massage targeting all the places I’d asked for. Wonderful, a very safe and thorough pair of hands! — Elspeth C

Absolutely fantastic. Had a shoulder problem that was giving me numb fingers and she’d fixed it in one session. Second session went even further and now totally back to normal and able to climb again without hindrance! — Liam B

I recently had a massage with Biliana and it was absolutely amazing. She really knows her stuff and was able to relieve tension in my neck, shoulders and back. As well as that she has a great energy and provides a very comforting session. I felt that it revived me both mentally and physically. — Rhia D

I've been to the Massage Lab on several occasions for my hamstrings and back issues and I always receive excellent treatment and spot on advice. I would highly recommend all of the practitioners working there! — Pantelis X, Registered Osteopath

I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and therefore get various issues with my neck, back and arms. It took me quite a while to find a good massage place in London. Billiana and her Team are brilliant! — Kat TP

You fixed my shoulder in just one session, Biliana! I had been sleeping horribly for more than six months after a skiing fall and after a 1-hour massage, the pain was gone! — Ivan F

A motivated runner, I have found that sport massage helped me out a lot recovering from my long runs, and minimized my recovery time after a skiing accident. Full credit to The Massage Lab for their professional help! — Diego F.

Raymond was excellent and made an immediate difference. Good facilities and easy to book. Would come again. Thank you! — Tom H

Today is the second day after my massage and my shoulders feel so much better. Biliana did a great job and I will be back. — Maya B

This was my second visit to receive treatment from Gail and as before she was polite, friendly and really helped relieve the pain in my on-going shoulder injury. I am always recommending The Massage Lab therapists to friends as it’s taken years for me to find someone who can provide a good and pain-relieving treatment. — Sophie O

I saw Raymond this week, three weeks after tearing my soleus. I was still experiencing bruising and discomfort. Raymond gave me a 45 treatment, correctly identifying where the damage is and where the damaged muscle fibres where causing problems. It wasn’t the most relaxing treatment but I felt that my calf was far less tight immediately. Raymond was really nice and knowledgable ( and tolerant of the swearing)! — Fiona W

When I came to see Biliana I was in a lot of pain and hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for months. Her treatment outdid my expectations and most importantly she gave me hope that my pain will go away one day. Since the massage I have felt like my old self and have had more energy to deal with the pain when it hits. I have slept through the past two nights and can’t believe the dramatic changes Biliana made to my posture and mind in one treatment. — Fariba P

My Massage with Raymond was fabulous. I had been in some discomfort for a number of months due to my regular person leaving the UK. Raymond was attentive and kind and really ironed out the pain in my shoulder and lower back. I definitely recommend the lab for excellent treatment. — Colette Z, July 2021