How can The Massage Lab help you?

We will formulate a massage prescription, personal to you, to achieve your fitter body and more relaxed mind. No over-the-counter solutions or one-size-fits-all techniques, we offer treatments specific to the individual.

Do you want to stay fit and remain injury-free?

Boxer, dentist, taxi driver, mountain biker, training for the Olympics or running for charity, whatever your job or hobbies, you have one body to last the whole distance. We can help you look after it well and keep it up to the challenge!

Do you wish to improve your wellbeing?

Are you a stressed-out office worker, struggling with a tight neck and achy shoulders? An expectant mum, going through a radical change of shape and emotions? Massage is not a luxury reserved to top athletes or the rich and famous, we offer affordable treatments for everyone seeking a little help along the way with life’s strains.

Do you need to aid recovery or manage your pain?

An integral part of your wellbeing routine, a deeply therapeutic massage is a safe way to improve many conditions.

Whatever your query, please give us a call or drop us an email. You will receive impartial advice, not a pushy sales pitch.