2nd May 2022

What to expect I love blending approaches depending on the person in front of me. Just as we are all unique, each massage should be a bespoke experience. The techniques I combine include deep tissue, soft tissue release, neuromuscular ...

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14th October 2021

What to expect I integrate Japanese massage techniques with Sport, Deep Tissue and Remedial massage therapy. A treatment with me will incorporate a mixture of deep tissue massage, Soft Tissue Release for stubborn areas, Muscle Energy Techniques ...

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30th September 2021

What to expect I’m an internationally certified therapist with significant experience treating various musculoskeletal conditions. I completed a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy in Poland and a variety of post-graduate certifications to ...

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12th August 2019

What to expect With a focus on mobility and pain relief, my treatment is a blend of remedial techniques and deep tissue therapy. My priority is enhancing the range of motion in joints, mobilising of muscle groups and achieving tangible results ...

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19th April 2016

What to expect I particularly enjoy the remedial aspect of massage and my treatments are a blend of deep tissue massage, aided by soft tissue release or positional release techniques, myofascial release, breath & various stretching ...

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6th November 2017

What to expect I have 3 decades of massage therapy experience and have studied several massage modalities over the years.  I use a combination of techniques to suit you and aiming to restore your muscular-skeletal system to a healthy ...

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