Dancing for Mental Health

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Dancing – the Secret Weapon Against Anxiety!

I recently tuned into a news program that caught my attention with a fascinating topic: GPs prescribing dance as a remedy for individuals grappling with anxiety. Drawing from my training background and years of practice in Holistic Health, I found this concept profoundly sensible. The science behind it is now understood. It brings me personal excitement to witness a convergence of perspectives, fostering integration and collaboration among the broader spectrum of health professionals, for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

What happens?

The human body is a fascinating instrument constantly striving to maintain homeostasis. Holistic practitioners recognise that the body transcends mere physical matter; it is an intricate energy system and honouring this is crucial to successful treatment outcomes. When anxiety overwhelms us, it is often felt it in the solar plexus and chest. Our body tightens up, breathing becomes shallow, and we may experience secondary physical effects such as increased bathroom visits and reduced appetite. In the long term, this stagnant energy and physiological dis-regulation can lead to a general health issues.

And dancing helps because…

So, how does dance play a role in reducing anxiety? In Western society, many of us live predominantly in our heads, neglecting the body and its wise signals. By genuinely tuning in and establishing a connection with our bodies, we unlock the potential for a more harmonious life. Dance has remarkable benefits; recall moments when dancing left you with a profound sense of well-being and exhilarating freedom. It can be said that dancing helps release stagnant energy from crucial energy centres, freeing body and mind from unwanted tension. It transports us from the pressures of daily life to a safe and creative space within.

Embracing dance as a tool to bolster mental health and well-being is an empowering stride forward. I encourage you to give it a try and witness firsthand the positive impact dance can have on your wellness journey.

– Raymond

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6th August 2023