Managing anxiety

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Kindly shared by Raymond

In challenging, uncertain and emotionally triggering times, anxiety may surface. It stirs our insides and causes the body to tense and tighten, as if to protect us. The life force or Qi is held in a vice of tension, its freedom – compromised and its flow – stagnant. Anxiety affects us all in different ways, but its energy is always one of fear – an emotion that causes the rapids of the flight and fight response to engulf us on every level, physical and emotional.

This stuck state, if allowed to persist, leads to symptoms – physical, emotional or both

Managing anxiety begins with yourself.

Acknowledge and writing down – mentally or physically – what your anxieties are about. This is simply about seeing, exposing and becoming aware of what is making you anxious rather than hide and become a victim of the feeling. Make dialogue with yourself or talk with a friend who you can comfortably be heard and received by.

The most powerful tool in managing anxiety is learning to breathe. Try this simple technique to help the sympathetic nervous system regain control, calm your thoughts downs and bring some balance to the nervous system overall. Practice daily, as needed, and build it up to 15 minutes if you can.

  • A good position for a ‘therapeutic’ breath is lying on the floor in the ‘corpse’ position, or shivasana, palms facing up; bend your knees for comfort if needed.
  • Breathe in fully, slowly and gently into the belly, extending the breath up and sideways into the ribs and upper chest, beyond your normal limit.
  • Breathe, sigh or sing the breath out of your lungs and belly, with a sense of release.
  • Do not force. Rest as you need to.

As a trained Aromatherapist, I would recommend diffusing essential oils around you. The oils I recommend are:  Lavender, Clary Sage, Geranium, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Marjoram and Ylang Ylang. Use them singly or make your own blend – experiment and notice how they make you feel.

The restorative power of nature is well-known, so find a green space and visit it for mindful walks.  Rejoice in the beauty around you and within you, acknowledge and give thanks for the positives in your life. The more you do, the more they will present themselves to you.

Take care and stay well!

Photo by Josephine Baran on Unsplash

7th June 2020