BEET Fatigue & get to the ROOT of Stamina

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, BEET Fatigue & get to the ROOT of StaminaBilled as a breakthrough discovery and snapped up elite athletes and medical research labs worldwide, it seems that the modest beetroot has more to offer to athletes and aging population alike! Watch Exeter University’s video and read  published research on the benefits of beetroot juice here.

“Boost stamina the smart and easy way with the world’s first organic shot – our BEET IT shots are already a firm favourite of the sporting elite! Highly recommended by some of the UK’s top sports nutritionists, BEET IT shots give you that extra edge by boosting oxygen usage efficiency, with a notable impact on performance and stamina. In a breakthrough for sports science, researchers at the University of Exeter published findings showing that beetroot juice enables people to exercise for up to 16% longer.”

It seems that once again, nature provides the ultimate boost!


12th August 2011