Last Minute at The Lab

What is it?

It’s your chance to get a 60-minute massage for a meager £40 instead of £55!


By keeping an eye on your Inbox for Last Minute at The Lab offers. Be the first to respond and the bargain is yours!


Last Minute, of course 😉

An offer is emailed periodically, offering a fantastic 1-hour treatment the same day. You usually get 3 hours’ notice and you must be quick to respond…


Because every now and then I get a cancellation or a gap in my schedule. Gaps mean idle time spent twiddling my thumbs, which is much better utilised melting away stress and tension! Wouldn’t you agree?

So if I haven’t got your email yet, send it right in and keep an eye out for Last Minute at The Labin the subject line!

26th June 2011