Core Strength for Runners

Considering that I live with an established “runiac” and that 60% of my clients are avid runners, it is hardly surprising that I woke up one morning staring at the face of a 15-week training schedule aimed to prepare me for the Edinburgh Half Marathon in May! Did I say Hogmanay? Sadly not!

But I raise to the challenge and part of that is to see to it that I, for once, practice what I preach at The Massage Lab. So here it is… a progressive training programme, allowing plenty of time for warm up, cool down and adequate stretching at both ends. I feel smug in my lycra already! Not enough they say – there is core strength and upper body strength to consider too! Well yes, logically enough, running isn’t just about the legs – in fact the movement required emanates as much from the hips and back as it does from the legs – just as a car isn’t all about its wheels!

In my quest for a well-rounded and, hopefully, successful training regime, I set out to find some exciting core strengthening routines to use in my rest days. So this is an article I came across today – it is not light reading, nor is it easy going, but the exercises look promising and the illustrations are clear, so I’m in!

Check it out:

Check my Facebook page for updates on the core of the matter over the next few weeks! Happy running to all!


25th June 2011