Bored with the gym?

You may recall that back in August I reported on my new-found addiction: outdoors training with Lisa from LK Personal Training. Well here is the verdict on the last 3 months sweaty efforts in Highbury Fields:

Many clients ask me about the practicalities of outdoor training, from the lack of changing rooms to the perceived peril of attracting the wrong kind of attention. So here I aim to answer some questions and dispel some myths:

1. No changing room, no shower?

Eek! Absolutely not an issue: providing you arrive in your workout gear and bring an extra layer for afterwards, you will find that a sweaty workout outdoors just doesn’t leave you as funky as the gym would. The fresh air and summery brieze mean that you can safely get back on that tube, bus or (even better for a cool-down) bike, and get yourself home for that rewarding shower!

2. But there must be weirdos in the park?

Yes – all sorts of weird visitors have come by to distract me from the pain of those hopping kicks! Watch out for fluffy terriers after the 6kg medicine ball, desperately pulling at the handle at the cost of teeth and dignity! The Arsenal-bound supporters crawling by like a colony of red ants have caused a fair few breathless laughs when they offer themselves for targets during boxing training! And yes – the odd sreaming baby has provided cover for the grunts, groans and other verbal poetry that starjumps bring about in me! It is all just friendly fire and good-natured banter!

3. Train rain or shine – fine! But training in the snow?

Here I’ll quote Lisa (who quoted someone else – no copyright suits please!). “There is no such thing as the wrong kind of weather; only the wrong kind of gear“… and I emphatically agree! Any skiers amongst you will have long discovered the joys of technical materials and the amazing amount of warmth, insulation and ventilation a thin merino wool jersey can provide at -20 degrees centigrade at the top of that mountain! Get your hands on 1 adecuate top and 1 windproof layer – and you are good, whatever the weather!

Ok, let’s be fair – there will be times when the park just doesn’t beckon, but the training must go on! For those rare occasions, Lisa will offer you sheter and a sweaty workout in a nearby studio. I guess what I am saying is that there is just no good excuse to miss a training session with Lisa. Yet think about it – how many times did you skip that gym workout and wished you hadn’t…

The Massage Lab

28th June 2011