Inspiring Client of the Month – Rob and the Sierra 260 expedition!

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This month we are super proud to share the awesome story of Rob Deering & his 13 intrepid mates, heading towards the Sierra260 challenge!

Rob and his 13 merry mates are embarking on an expedition even Bear Grills qualifies as “A massive undertaking of a challenge and against some of the harshest conditions Mother Nature has to offer”!

Wow and wow again!

So, in late October the team will embark on an extreme endurance expedition through Sierra Leone, running 10 marathons in 10 days and covering the length of the country.

But why, I hear you ask!

The main aim of this unique expedition is to raise awareness and vital funds for two fantastic causes: Street Child, a charity that works with Sierra Leone’s most vulnerable children; and Mind, the mental health charity.

We found out about this awesome undertaking as Rob submitted to his first clinical massage therapy session with Gail at The Massage Lab this Monday. We had to share it as it made us glow with pride to form a minute part of it all. You can check Rob’s credentials for this challenge here, but we asked him a few questions of our own to help us bask in the sunshine of inspiration and awe he exuded.

– So Rob, what inspired you to sign up for the Sierra260?

Like all great ideas, this was thought up in the pub at the end of 2016, a very big new year’s resolution if you will. Mike Houston is the brainchild behind the idea and has been driving it forward ever since. I work with Mike in the Army and he kindly invited me on to the trip after a particularly hard days skiing (apres mainly) in Easter. 

Fortunately, I like running, especially long distances, after realising at school and university that I was never going to break any short distance records. This enjoyment of putting on a pair of trainers and just going for 10 long runs, one after the other coupled with raising money for two fantastic charities and exploring a part of the world I have never been to was too good an opportunity to turn down. 

– What is the greatest challenge in the preparation / training process for you and how do you overcome that?  

Between the 14 of us we have set this expedition up from scratch, there was no template to work from. The huge amount of work to get this exped off the ground from organising flights to insurance to medical cover and all the small things in between has been a huge surprise for all of us. In many ways it has felt like a full time job for the last few months. 

 Our training has been consistent and has involved every man to step-up and take charge of their daily training routine. It is fair to say we are 14 ordinary guys who are trying to do something extraordinary in order to raise money for charity. Last year over half of us had never run a half marathon!

– How will you keep your mind on track during the challenge? Do you have a “coping mechanism” to help you get through the tougher times?

The mental game is huge. We are all as fit and strong as we can be but the ‘what if’ questions will be hard to deal with. What if one of us rolls their ankle on day one? What if someone falls ill on our last marathon on day 10? These are the tough questions, which only a strong and united team can get through. We have delegated medical responsibility to two doctors who have the authority to pull anyone off the run at any time. Apart from that, it is just knowing the difference between pain, which we will experience a significant amount of, and the type of pain which can cause long term and lasting injuries. Our main goal is to get everyone through in one piece. Regardless, of whether it takes 5 of 15 hours a day to do this. 


We cannot thank Rob and his firends enough for their grit, determination and inspiration. Let’s all help them get through it but donating to their chosen charities Street Child and Mind generously! Join us in wishing them the very best of luck, mental & physical strength and fun, of course!

The Massage Lab

PS: when asked how hos massage session went, Rob said: “Top marks to Gail. She has a unique ability to hurt me in a way which I know will help me later on!” Hahahahahah!!!



18th October 2017