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I use mixed techniques ranging from gentle harmonics to brainy neuromuscular release. These are bespoke to you and to what you are seeking to achieve. I work from superficial down to deep layers, with deep tissue work where necessary. I enjoy incorporating breath-work and active movements in my treatments. These enhance your results via reducing the effects of stress, providing education and actionable self-help strategies that promote autonomy.


Health is like a pond, it’s not just a body of water –  every molecule inside and outside affects its ecosystem. I like working with the individual in variety of levels to aid and improve their overall well-being physically and mentally.


Diploma in Holistic Therapy – Crawley College

BTEC Diploma Level 5 in Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy – London School of Soft Tissue Therapy

Masters of Osteopathy  – University College of Osteopathy (Year 5 of 5)

Continual Professional Development

  • Harmonic Technique
  • Introduction to Life Coaching
  • Introduction to Shiatsu
  • Pregnancy Massage

Professional membership

Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage

I am qualified & insured for:

Sport & Remedial Massage


I enjoy trying and learning different things. Often, when not working on UCO dissertation/studies, I can be found dotting around working on my bouldering skills, in-line skating techniques, stretching out in a yoga studio or meditating at home. I also like the occasional excursion for a bit of hiking and camping in the beautiful UK country-sides. Recently have been enjoying assisting ultra-marathon runners as a volunteer soft tissue therapist.