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I integrate Japanese massage techniques with Sport, Deep Tissue and Remedial massage therapy. A treatment with me will incorporate a mixture of deep tissue massage, Soft Tissue Release for stubborn areas, Muscle Energy Techniques to help elongate shortened tissues, trigger point to alleviate pain and enhance functionality around a joint alongside mobilisation.  I have also trained in RockTape kinesio-taping, which is used by athletes the world over to help reduce swelling and pain as well as encourage the body to normalise dysfunctional movement patterns and posture. I will focus on your area of concern but do expect my treatment to reach other areas which may be causing or contributing to the problem even from a distant place.


At a young age I started studying a traditional Japanese martial art which developed my interest in movement and alignment of the body. In turn this led me to study Anma – the precursor to Shiatsu – many years ago. Despite a lengthy background in the Hospitality Industry, I decided to pursue my passion and studied Sport and Remedial Massage in order to expand my skill set and take on the new challenge in life focusing as a manual therapist.


ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage – St Marys University, Twickenham



Gray institute – 3D Maps and Certificate in Applied Functional Science

Anatomy in Motion – Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb, Upper Body Biomechanics in Motion.

RockTape – Functional Movement Taping

Dissection studies – Julian Baker

Born to Walk – Looking at the series of essential events that need to take place for efficient gait

Move to Integrate – Assessment through dynamic and functional analysis

Professional Membership

Federation of Holistic Therapists, Sports Massage Association

I am qualified and insured for

Sports and Remedial Massage, RockTape Kinesiology taping (as an Add-On service)


Outside work I can be found practicing Gyokko Ryu Taijutsu, training for a Tough Mudder event or something else movement related, then enjoying a home cooked meal with a glass of wine or a quality IPA.