Yogassage: combine Yoga with Massage. The combination of two integrated and personalised therapies can be an incredibly effective tool. With the massage you hit the re-set button and with the yoga you integrate and learn for yourself a new way of freeing up your body.

As a yoga teacher, I can see through my massage practice how my clients could benefit from having a yoga practice. So I decided to combines the 2 into a unique session called Yogassage.

Yoga is helpful for maintenance of physical function, for reducing stress and for integrating the work we do ‘on the couch’, into daily life. A good massage therapist wants to facilitate the best healing and movement outcome for their client.  I will teach you 1 or 2 relevant gentle yoga asanas (postures) in detail at the end of your sport massage treatment. Practiced daily, they will extend the therapeutic benefits of your massage throughout the days in between appointments.

Our Yogassage offering is something truly unique. It hands over the control so that you can achieve the biggest impact for the time and money you invest in your wellbeing.

Yours healthily,