RockTape / Kinesiology taping: add-on

RockTape can form part of your regular treatment, or purchased as a  15-minute add-on service

Rock Tape is a form of Kinesio Tape used on the body to help reduce swelling and pain as well as encourage the body to normalise dysfunctional movement patterns and posture.

The methods by which this happens are multifactorial and include:

  • Decompression:

Soft tissue can become adhered due to adaptive shortening from poor posture and sedentary lifestyle or injury. When applied, the tissue beneath is decompressed creating ‘space’ between skin and muscle. This is thought to help fluid dynamics when inflammation is present, as well as allowing for the natural slide and glide between fascia, skin and muscle.

  • Neuro-Sensory:

The brain can shut down mobility in an area for two main reasons:

  • if the area isn’t used much: ‘use it or lose it’, brought on by a chronically sedentary lifestyle.
  • due to a prior trauma & pain: originally as a ‘splintering’ effect to aid recovery, but as this goes on, the brain doesn’t want to do a movement because it now has a memory of what happened the last time the movement happened.

Applying kinesio tape increases sensory input to the brain from the affected area, which improves motor output (movement) of the area. As the brain’s awareness of this area increases via the sensory awareness, a correlation is made to the movement now being safe. This effect is intensified when taping is used in conjunction with exercise, whereby the stimulus / response becomes lasting.

Who will benefit – 2 case studies:

If you have a soft tissue injury:

Oedema Control Taping (OCT) optimises recovery by enhancing lymphatic drainage in the area, reducing swelling and hypersensitivity, thereby accelerating your recovery. I have used this from of bruising on the big toe from falling down the stairs to bruised hamstrings from over-stretching the muscles in exercise without a warm up. The results are always surprisingly fast.

Symptom Reduction Taping (SRT) reduces pain, improves function and increases range of movement. I have used this effectively for:

  • Shoulder problems from overuse in training in ‘Pole Sport’ classes.  Range of motion in the shoulder improves dramatically as pain is reduced.
  • Postural adaptations form long hours spent over a desk with rounded shoulders, causing pain when reaching behind and rotating. Front of the shoulder pain reduced almost immediately and helped with postural awareness, encouraging better body awareness and self-correction.

How long does the tape last?

The tape is worn 24 hours a day and can last for up to 5-7 days, but typically at its best for  2-3 days. You can wash and shower as usual whilst wearing it, and there’s even a stronger H2O tape that’s suitable for swimmers

RockTape is available as an add-on service to your Sport & Remedial Massage appointment with Biliana, Giulia& Raymond.


Image: Courtesy of RockTape UK