Headache Support

I encountered migraines as a teenager and suffered from cluster headaches for years. This was an obstacle that limited my life in many ways. The experience of head pain led me to a path of connecting with natural approaches to health and well-being. This is what I’d like to share with you with my Headache Support sessions.

A holistic approach, embracing all levels of our being, helps us understand the root cause of head pain – be it migraines, headaches or cervicogenic tension. This understanding empowers us with tools and strategies for a better quality of life without pain. The 4-session Headache Support (60 minutes each, purchased as a bundle) is hopefully the start of a journey that empowers you to take control. During the sessions I apply a blend of hands-on bodywork modalities, which I combine with mindfulness and breathing techniques to bring stillness to the Body-Mind. I use supportive enquiry and dialogue to explore actionable ideas that could have profoundly positive outcomes for your headache. Expect to leave each session feeling embodied and back to your lighter self, and to take away some tools (maybe a bit of homework) to maximally benefit from your treatments.

Alongside my qualification in Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage achieved in 2010, I also have a background in complementary therapies (Aromatherapy, Biodynamic massage) and social work. Every day at The Massage Lab I witness the incredible healing power of Soft Tissue Therapy on minor musculoskeletal injuries, but also on overall physical and emotional wellbeing. The Headache Support sessions are not a guaranteed cure, however as a culmination of my lived experience and training, they are likely to be insightful and to lift some weight off of your shoulders.