We believe that Soft Tissue Therapy is at its best when it responds to either your physical or emotional needs, or both. We blend our techniques in a unique way to achieve optimum results.

If you need us to work the length and depth of your soft tissue & joints into a perfectly tuned, well lubricated, highly performing machine, then Sport & Remedial Massage is for you.

Sometime a little extra help from some skillfully applied Medical Acupuncture needles can dissolve even the toughest of knots!

If you are working on improving flexibility, we believe that a dose of Active Isolated Stretching is your perfect partner.

A particularly wonderful, but challenging time comes with pregnancy & the care for a newborn baby. This is when a deeply nurturing Pregnancy Massage is definitely the right prescription for you! We created a dedicated company, The Pregnancy Lab, channeling our accumulated knowledge and many years of experience in treating the soon to-be-mums!

We often finish a neck and shoulders treatment with some releasing work on the face and scalp, only to be told how a headache has melted away. Well we have now made a proper offering of it with Ray’s  Headache Support bundle of 4 treatments. It is releasing, insightful and empowering.

To list a few examples of what we successfully help with every day:

  • Stress, tension & anxiety – resulting in a poor immune system & low mood.
  • Tight neck & shoulders – leading to tension headaches & reduced mobility.
  • Back pain – due to pregnancy, sciatica, scoliosis, triggering movement mechanics, stress or too much sitting at work.
  • Postural & chronic pain – sustained postural strains are an everyday battle for office workers, dentists, hairdressers, golf players, taxi drivers, expectant or new mums.
  • Preparation for surgery, Post surgical rehabilitation & scar care – easing the soft tissues back into action, preventing scar tissue adhesions, helping restore a full range of movement.
  • Pre and Post Partum Care – easing the physical and mental discomforts due to the vast changes brought about by pregnancy and labour.
  • Injury prevention – pliable, flexible muscles are less prone to injury.
  • Injury rehabilitation – careful soft tissue release & joint mobilisation result in a faster speed of recovery.
  • Pre and post event treatment – an integral part of the fitness regime of any athlete, whether amateur or professional.

Our aim is to help you attain & maintain a healthy body with the right prescription just for you.